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Intelligent features that you'll appreciate like...

...energySmart™ settings to save money on your energy bills
Some models feature a Sundown Sensor that automatically turns the zapper ON at dusk and OFF at dawn, thereby saving you money on your energy bills when used.
...Killing grids that don't stop working because they're clogged
The new line of Stinger insect control devices use a new clog-resistant single kill grid design, which effectively reduces the clogging you might experience on similar models. Clogs are zapped bugs that become stuck in the grid. They can compromise the performance of a bug zapper or cause it to malfunction entirely.
...Features that grab the attention of biting mosquitoes and flies
The NØsquito by Stinger® octenol lure contains 5X more octenol than most competitive models. Octenol has been proven to attract biting mosquitoes and flies.
Scientific testing that you can trust
Stinger insect control devices are put through extensive scientific field testing to prove that they provide the coverage and levels of effectiveness stated on their packages. Anyone can slap a big sticker that doesn't mean anything on a package, but Stinger products use testing from trustworthy scientists to make sure that the statements on their packages are actually true.

The power to kill them the first time

Stinger insect control devices use powerful killing grids. Stinger zappers use transformer technology on 1 acre+ models to provide the strong, continuous zapping that is necessary for effective killing. This isn't the same old wimpy zap that bugs are used to.
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...Designs that have your safety in mind
The new line of Stinger bug zappers has an outer enclosure to prevent children, pets, or birds and wildlife from coming into contact with the electric grid.
...Designs that are smarter and cleaner
The new Stinger bug zappers have larger openings at the bottom of the unit. This easily allows dead insects to fall through after they've been zapped.
...Designs that will grab your attention
The new Stinger bug zapper designs draw their inspiration from nature. They have been designed to look like they belong in your yard. Bug zappers don't have to have an industrial feel. In fact, there's no need to sacrifice style or elegance to have the comfortable yard that you desire.
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About Stinger® Products

Stinger® Products, a Helen of Troy Health & Home brand, is an established insect control solution provider of innovative outdoor devices for effective mosquito and insect bite prevention. Our products are scientifically tested and proven effective by a leading global entomologist. For 20 years, Stinger® has offered products to help protect consumers from biting insects, offering mosquito defense, every day and all season long.