Stinger Mosquito Repellent Lantern

With the Stinger Mosquito Repellent Lantern, mosquitoes can be kept at a distance this season without the stick and stink of bug sprays. 

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Model Number: BR60L

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Despite their small size, summer flies and other insects can become a huge annoyance and be a source of frustration. Having to constantly apply bug spray can be timely, messy and unappetizing when trying to enjoy an outdoor picnic or BBQ. The Stinger® Mosquito Repellent Lantern is portable and repels mosquitoes without any interruptions to your summer fun! The design seamlessly integrates with your outdoor décor while disguising the bug contents.

  • Deet free repellent pad can be used around children and pets
  • Scientifically proven, powerful protection using plant-based, all-natural active ingredients
  • Proven effective up to 225 sq.ft. (15 x 15 area)
  • Ideal for use on decks, patios, picnics, camping and more
  • Each repellent pad protects for a minimum of 12 hours,  3x longer than most competitors!
  • Uses Fan Dispersion technology -quick scent delivery with a heat-free/smoke-free system
  • Lantern-only feature is ideal for accent lighting
  • Battery operated mosquito repellent - 4 "AA" batteries included

Price $12.99
Model BR60L
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty