Nosquito® Mosquito Octenol Replacement Lure

The Nosquito® Mosquito Octenol Replacement Lure can optimize mosquito attraction when used with any Stinger Insect Killer.

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Model Number: NS16

Make sure your bug zapper is working at its optimal level by replacing the Lure every 30 days!

  • Biting Insect & Mosquito Attractant
  • For use with all Stinger® acreage zappers
  • Increases effectiveness of killing certain mosquitoes and biting flies
  • Contains 735 mg octenol,  5X stronger than competitive lures
  • Tested and EPA proven to attract mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses
  • Slow release - emits attractant for 30 days
  • Replacement reminder stickers included
  • Easy to attach
Price $6.99
Length 1.750000
Width 0.500000
Model NS16