Stinger BK100 1 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer Package

Stinger BK100 1 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer

Stinger BK100 1 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer
  • Price: $44.99
  • Model Number: BK100
  • Dimensions: 9.75" x 7.75" x 19.56" in
  • Weight: 6.30 lbs
  • Coverage: 1 Acre
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited
  • Color: Black

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The Stinger BK100 Outdoor Insect Killer is a great value.  It provides effective insect killing for yards up to 1 acre at a great price.

  • Scientifically tested to cover up to 1 acre.
  • New killing grid designed to avoid ineffiencies caused by clogging.
  • 24/7 Coverage.
  • White light attraction.
  • Includes a NØsquito octenol lure to optimize mosquito attraction.
  • Resilient, weather and rust-proof construction.
  • 3 year limited warranty.

Replacement Bulbs:

NOTE: This lamp contains Mercury, dispose accordingly to Local, State or Federal Laws


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